Horseback Riding with Canopy Adventure, Arenal

Gallop into today’s adventure with a meet and greet from your professional, bilingual guide. They will help you with your very first step, which is to choose the right horse for your riding trip. Once you’ve come face to face with your four-legged riding partner, your guide will thoroughly brief you on all of the necessary safety elements, so you can feel in secure hands as you saunter off on your exciting journey.

This is an exceptional way to view the sights of Arenal Volcano, as you ride through striking farmlands, free-flowing rivers and beautiful biodiversity of the area. Unforgettable scenery is the nature of today’s activity. As you ride your humble horse around the base of the Arenal Volcano, admire the sugar cane plantations, lush ferns, vibrant bromeliads, and colourful woodlands, with a view to beat all others.

Once you’ve walked your stallion through their eager paces, you will eventually reach the observation point and the closest possible point of Arenal Volcano. Take a moment to soak in the stunning views of this picturesque Costa Rican monument in unequalled surroundings.

Once upon a time, observers of this once active volcano could even see the rich, red lava pouring down the sides! On your special trip, you’ll see eye-catching plantlife and come across tropical wildlife, from toucans and kingfishers to monkeys and pizotes; also known as coatis, and home to the Racoon family!

The thrilling tour continues with an extraordinary canopy experience. Perched on a 13 meters high tower, you’ll embrace your daredevil side as you glide your way down 8 cables, ranging from 80 to 750 meters in length. Each one of the 14 strategically designed platforms will allow you observe the rainforest from completely different perspectives. It will be an exhilarating ride!

And after this half day experience, you can choose to swallow one more dose of excitement with a sweeping Tarzan swing… if you dare!


  • Gallop through the colourful landscapes of Arenal Volcano on your personally selected horse

  • Glide like a pro above the treetops of the riveting rainforest canopy

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