Tikal tour, El Petén

The ancient city of Tikal was centre of the intriguing Mayan civilisation, and frankly, you simply can’t come to Guatemala and miss this mysterious and fascinating archaeological site.

On this full day tour, you’ll have a private guide to walk you through Tikal, discovering what’s left of the Mayan heyday that flourished in the years around 600-900AD. You’ll be shown the layout of Tikal’s temples, explore the architecture and learn more about this sophisticated civilisation that mysteriously disappeared – and learn some theories as to what led to its demise.

If you’re lucky, you might spot a few monkeys leaping around the ruins, or even some brightly coloured toucans and macaws. You’ll have lunch in the jungle around Tikal, before you return back to your hotel with a mind full of stories and legends about the Mayan civilisation.


  • Hear stories of the rise and fall of the enigmatic Mayan civilisation

  • Wander through Tikal’s ruins with a private guide

  • Enjoy a spot of lunch in the jungle around Tikal, keeping a look out for brightly coloured macaws

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