Kayaking in Huaypo Lake, Cuzco

Combine the gentle serenity of kayaking with beautiful surrounds on this relaxing experience at Huaypo Lake, an hour's drive from Cuzco. En route to the lake you’ll pass through local villages and farms and as you drive along you will be able to see daily Andean life unfold. Once at the lake you’ll receive a safety talk from your guide who will then go through the basics of kayaking with you.

Next up you’ll grab your kayaking equipment and head to the lake. From here it’s time to get into the water and head off on your relaxing adventure around the lake. Enjoy gliding across this natural beauty and look out for the many types of birds that call these parts home. Along the way you might also spot local fishermen out with their nets and lines.

Take a moment to stop and soak up the peaceful lake atmosphere and take in the stunning snowy Andean peaks that surround it. A moment you’ll never forget!


  • Soak up the stunning scenery while kayaking

  • Connect with nature

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I’m a landscape buff, so love Peru for its combination of deserts, snow-capped Andes and Amazon jungle. I’ll never forget experiencing sunrise at Machu Picchu – I climbed 3,000 steps in the dark to get there in time, but the colours of the morning light were definitely worth it!

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