Peruvian cooking class, Lima

If you’re a foodie with a penchant for Peruvian flavours, sign up to this tour pronto! You’ll start the day with a trip to the local market where you’ll learn all about the chef’s favourite recipes. You’ll explore the huge variety of local seasonal ingredients and learn how to select the best produce, which you’ll need later on.

From here you’ll head into the art district of Lima, Barranco, where you’ll drop off your groceries at the chef’s private apartment. You’ll then head back out to explore the local area. The area has gone under something of a transformation over the last 15 years and today it’s streets are lined with splendid old casonas, hip restaurants, slick hotels and manicured parks.

Once the chef has showed you all of his favourite destinations it’s back to the apartment to start cooking up a feast! First things first you’ll be introduced to the history of some of the most important local ingredients and then once you’ve got a grip of the produce you’ll be taught an authentic local menu based on some of Lima’s classic recipes.

Once you’ve cooked up the dishes you’ll relax with a Pisco Sour tasting and some tapas while taking in the gorgeous view of Lima’s coast. And then it’s time for the best bit: tucking into your delicious homemade feast – enjoy!


  • Shop at a colourful market

  • Tuck into a delicious Peruvian meal, cooked by you

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The time I spent travelling through South and Central America not only allowed me to perfect my Spanish, but also gave me real taste of authentic Latin America. The food, wine, landscapes and wildlife keep me going back for more whenever I can.

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