Kandyan Dancing School, Colombo

A trip to Sri Lanka is not complete without experiencing the island’s iconic music and dance performance. And the best way to experience it? Head to a traditional show. You’ll get to see the troupe up close as they dance clad in their traditional costumes to the accompaniment of some very epic drumming.

This performance art was once part of a night long ceremony held in honour of the god Kohomba and featured at least 50 dancers. The dancing only grew in popularity under the rule of various kings of Kandy, eventually being incorporated into important religious ceremonies and festivals. If you visit any local temples you might even notice many have a special platform or pavilion which would have designed specifically for such performances.

For your experience you’ll see the Kandyan Dancing School – comprised of both children and adults - at a local village hall. The performance lasts around an hour and during that time you’ll witness traditional dancing, chanting, singing and drumming. The show will end with some very impressive pirouettes and backflips. Before or after the show your guide will be able to give you more background surrounding the dance and the role it plays in the island’s heritage.


  • Watch a thrilling traditional dance show

  • Check out the impressive and authentic Kandyan costume

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There is just something so very special about, not only the incredible beauty of Sri Lanka, but the warmth of its people. Every visit leaves me wanting more, and Sri Lanka’s tea plantations, boutique hotels and stunning beaches are never far from my mind.

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