Holidays to Ella, Sri Lanka

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is well known for its spectacular scenery. It’s the place on the island where you can explore nature at its wildest with a carpet of green covers the undulating land, ready for adventurers to delve into its mighty waterfalls, wander the network of hiking routes and admire its beautiful vistas.

In this corner of the world, so blessed with beauty, some would argue that there’s little point in singling out one place in particular for would-be explorers. But if necessity dictates you can only visit a single village, past explorers of Sri Lanka will wax lyrical about the loveliness of Ella.

Ella is everyone’s favourite hill-country village. Largely untouched by the influences of tourism, it remains delightfully low key. You’ll find some of the country’s best and most welcoming guesthouses, where you can get a good night’s rest before some early morning hiking. Up here in the hills, the rain tends to arrive in the afternoon, so if you want to make the most of the surrounding scenery, it’s best to get an early start.

Begin with a picturesque walk through the surrounding tea plantations before delving into the Hill Country’s temples, waterfalls and viewpoints. The Ravana Falls is a popular pit stop on adventurers’ itineraries, but the main event is the hike up to Ella Rock. It provides perfect panoramic views of the Ella Gap, surrounded by eternally rolling hillsides.

When you can finally tear yourself away from the view, follow your nostrils back to the delightful home-cooked cuisine on offer in Ella. Chow down, freshen up, and make your way to some of the village’s café bars, like Café Chill, which enjoys lively evenings with expats and locals enjoying a drink and a little music. 


  • Hike your way through the Ella Gap

  • Visit some of Hill Country’s enchanting waterfalls

  • Try to tear yourself away from the view from Ella Rock

  • Enjoy some Ella evening entertainment with the locals

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