Holidays to Kandy, Sri Lanka

Resting on a plateau 465 metres above sea level and surrounded by luscious green mountains which are home to fragrant tea plantations and rich rainforest, Kandy is the capital of Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

Its elevated position affords spectacular views of the mountains and forests, and also of the artificial Kandy Lake at its centre. This man-made lake was created in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of the kingdom, and is a delightful place to spend a few hours relaxing, cooling off in the fresh breezes and simply soaking up the scenery. The lake was once used for entirely different purposes though, and it has a fascinating history. 

Tea drinkers can visit Kandy’s Ceylon Tea Museum, which displays vintage tea making equipment, features exhibits to the great tea pioneers such as Thomas Lipton and includes a refreshing cup of tea in the top-floor tearoom afterwards. Kandy is also home to a World Buddhist Museum which goes into great details about the history and teachings of Buddha and displays Buddhist artefacts from across Asia.

The most famous Buddhist site in Kandy however is the site of the famous ‘Temple of The Tooth’, one of Buddhism's most sacred places of worship, which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988. Constructed on a granite base and built from a blend of limestone, marble, ivory and sculpted wood, this temple houses the Relic of the tooth of the Buddha – you can see the tooth box behind a glass window. The legend goes that when Buddha died and was cremated in 543 BC, his left canine tooth was retrieved from his funeral pyre. It became a royal possession, with the owner of the tooth being granted a divine right to rule over the land. Wars over ownership ensued and the tooth was moved as the kingdoms changed and each time, a new palace was built for it. The tooth was finally brought to Kandy, where it remains today.



  • Stroll around Kandy Lake; a stunning lake whose beauty hides a darker past

  • Enjoy a refreshing cuppa at the Ceylon Tea Museum

  • See the relic of the tooth of Buddha at the famous ‘Temple of the Tooth’

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There is just something so very special about, not only the incredible beauty of Sri Lanka, but the warmth of its people. Every visit leaves me wanting more, and Sri Lanka’s tea plantations, boutique hotels and stunning beaches are never far from my mind.

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