Holidays to the Amazon, Brazil

Spanning an impressive 9 countries, the Amazon is the world's largest tropical rainforest. Its name originates from Greek mythology after a legendary race of female warriors. It provides more that 20% of the world's oxygen supply (often being referred to as the lungs of the earth), is home to the Amazon River (the second longest river in the world) and plays host to a rich ecosystem including over 400 plant species, 1,300 species of birds, 3000 types of fish and an incredible 2.5 million insect types. 

Over 60% of the Amazon is located in Brazil making it the ideal location to immerse yourself in its splendour. It's difficult to comprehend the magnitude and beauty of the rainforest and has to be seen to believe, but shut your eyes and imagine the territorial call of a howler monkey followed by the piercing song of the screaming Piha, the smell of the rich vegetation and freshly fallen rain and you are half way there.

With a plethora of wildlife to discover take the rare opportunity to go Caiman spotting at dusk, gaze in wonderment as the light of the torches reflect in their eyes peering from the depths of the Amazon River. For the brave, Piranha fishing is a favourite attraction in the area, and although their snappy reputation proceeds them there are actually 20 species of Piranha in the Amazon all with varying degrees of ferocity, some only eating seeds, insects and leaves. Said to be very tasty, Piranha soup or 'caldo de piranha', is a firm favourite amongst the locals, so if you are lucky enough to catch some make sure you get the recipe.

Canoeing through a flooded forest or trekking through the towering trees will allow you the honour or experiencing the magnificence of the Amazon. Night time hikes will show you yet another dimension by spotting the nocturnal animals such as Tree Frogs, Potoo Birds and Giant Crickets… just remember to pack your bug spray!




  • Rich ecosystem brimming with wildlife

  • Take to the river at dusk for caiman spotting

  • Spend an afternoon piranha fishing in the river

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