Holidays to Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is one of the most remote places in the world. It’s part of Chile, but it’s almost a five-hour flight from Santiago to travel the 2,500 miles across the Pacific to this tiny volcanic island (it’s about the size of Jersey). Hundreds of intriguing stone heads, known as moai, are scattered over the land in a mysterious, historic and sometimes eerie display.

Part of Easter Island’s appeal is its extreme remoteness. It’s so far from any mainland you really are a castaway here and exposed to a simpler life. But it’s the culture and traditions of the Rapa Nui people and their creations that make this such an incredible place to visit. Archaeologists, historians and tourists make the journey here to discover the intriguing moai statues for themselves and learn the theories about why they were created and why some were deliberately toppled.

Must-see sights include the Rano Raraku, the enthralling 'statue quarry' and taking the two-hour hike up dormant Orongo volcano to see the statues on the crater rim. Elsewhere, following the coastal path on the north-west of the island will guide you past some fallen moai. If you’re a diver, head out to a Hanga Roa or Motu Nui to see submerged moai in some the best diving conditions in the world.

Easter Island is a windswept and barren place that can be brutally exposed to the elements and so is mostly treeless. Despite its Polynesian feel, a tropical island this isn’t. But that doesn’t mean to say that in the summertime the beach isn’t a lovely place to spend some time. Head to the white-sand Anakena Beach for paddling and snorkelling.




  • An enigmatic and remote island, made for exploring

  • Discover the fascinating moai statues

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