Hanging Bridges Adventure Tour, Monteverde

Expect to be taken to dizzying heights today, as you begin your half day adventure at the enticing Skywalk park. With an intriguing combination of nature trails and suspension bridges, you will walk through the mystical Monteverde Cloud Forest canopy, soaking in education as you go. Spanning across various canyons, these bridges bring visitors face to face with the upper level of the forest canopy. And as you gaze above you, you’ll be in awe of the mesmerising cloud forest that engulfs the skyline beyond the trees.

With 90% of organisms in this vivid forest living on top of the trees, you’ll get up close and personal with nature as you gently stroll along. In between wattle bell birds and hummingbird sightings, you’ll learn all about the colourful flora and fauna and understand just what makes the cloud and rainforest so wonderfully different.

From one unforgettable experience to the next, you’ll explore further heights with the Selvatura Zip Line Tour. Flying through 15 cables and 18 platforms, you’ll reach high speeds as you explore all that Selvatura Park has to offer. As one of the longest Canopy Tours in Costa Rica and the only canopy tour located inside the breathtaking Monteverde Cloud Forest, you will cross through the cloud forest and absorb unique views of the landscape all around you.

From lush ferns, and striking, exotic bromeliads, to an array of rich orchid species, there’ll be plenty for you to be wowed by, as you zip your way through the stunning biodiversity surrounding you. Deep in the heart of the trees, listen out for exotic bird calls and keep your eyes peeled for a local animal or two.

And if you fancy a little walk on the wild side? You’ll have the chance to beat your chest and roar your heart out with a gripping Tarzan swing.


  • Learn all about the exotic flora and fauna of Monteverde Cloud Forest

  • Get to grips with a thrilling Tarzan swing

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