Holidays to the North Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

The Northern Pacific Coast is a remarkably popular and sparsely populated corner of Costa Rica. Tiny fishing villages dot the coast, separated from each other by the best beaches the country has to offer. Surfers from all over the world make their way here to find the perfect wave while others enjoy the endless sunshine and abundant natural sea life. 

Head south and delve into one of the coast's dazzling cloud forests. Canopy tours will take you on a bridge suspended between ancient trees and give you a chance to experience a mysterious world teeming with exotic and vibrant wildlife.  

Guanacaste in the west is graced with flat grasslands, making for an unusual but entirely astonishing vista, whilst further east you’ll witness mighty volcanic peaks jutting out of the earth; you’ll have the chance to explore these for yourself on a once in a lifetime trekking adventure. The beaches here are also impressive, with Tamarindo particularly beautiful and a fantastic place to swim, kayak, or just relax.

The Nicoya Peninsular is another stunning region of Costa Rica, home to the likes of Nosara and Santa Teresa; surrounded by rolling forested hills, bubbling rivers and underground streams, beauty is everywhere you look in this part of Costa Rica. The beaches are also varied and impressive, whether you’re waiting for the perfect wave or just want to unwind on the sandy shore with a good book.


  • Idyllic beaches, perfect for surfing

  • Exploring the enchanting cloud forests

The North Pacific Trip Ideas

Here are some trip ideas to the North Pacific. All of our trip ideas shown below are examples, and we’ll amend, adapt or start from scratch, until we’ve created the perfect trip for you.

Map of the North Pacific Coast