Holidays to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Imagine going off-grid in one of the most biologically diverse rainforests in the world. As you look up, ethereal light streams through the thick foliage while monkeys and macaws rustle in the branches above you. Home to Corcovado National Park, the Osa Peninsula shelters Costa Rica’s most endangered species including pumas, jaguars, giant ant eaters and tapirs.  

For travellers willing to brave the bats and the insects, the long jungle treks to the heart of the rainforest yield breathtaking views of waterfalls, tide pools and lush vegetation. You can even cruise through the epic mangroves in a kayak, marvelling at the gigantic roots of the trees and taking in the calm of the forest.  

North of the park lies Drake Bay, a popular place for travellers to base themselves and take a boat ride to Cano Island. It is said that Cano is the best place to scuba dive and snorkel in the whole of Costa Rica. Take a dip in the deep warm waters where you might glimpse sea turtles, shoals of tropical fish, rays and even hammerhead sharks.  

The beach is also an ideal place for lounging under the palms with a fresh coconut in one hand and a book in another. Mysterious ancient stone spheres, which have puzzled archaeologists for centuries can also be found in this region.  

For a taste of rural life, head to the former gold mining villages of Rancho Quemado and Dos Brazos. Here you can go gold panning in the river, learn about the unique flora and fauna of the region and take a tour of the local farms. It may be one of the remote regions in Costa Rica, but Osa Peninsula is also one of the most rewarding. 




  • Corcovado National Park

  • Great for scuba diving and snorkelling

Osa Peninsular Trip Ideas

Here are some trip ideas to the Osa Peninsular. All of our trip ideas shown below are examples, and we’ll amend, adapt or start from scratch, until we’ve created the perfect trip for you.

Map of the Osa Peninsula