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Peru is a hotbed for adventure; it boasts diverse landscapes, remarkable heritage and exhilarating cities, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latin America. Home to valleys, ruins and wonders, there’s no shortage of sights to see and places to peruse on Peru holidays, the most famous of which being Machu Picchu. Listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu is an ancient citadel, located on a mountain ridge above the astonishing Sacred Valley in the Andes. The citadel was built by the Inca Empire in the 1400s, but archaeologists have never been able to identify what its use was. Those who take on the 27-mile trek along the Inca Trail will be rewarded with unforgettable views of these extraordinary ruins and the surrounding mountains.

Peru is also home to the largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca, stretching over 8,300 square kilometres and populated by over 530 species of marine life. Lake Titicaca truly is nature at its most immense, making it a must-see for any visitor to Peru. In fact, there are over 70 islands within it and at over 12,500 feet above sea level, it’s also the highest navigable lake in the world.

Beyond these sights of natural and archaeological significance sits a number of culture-rich cities, including the historic capital city of Lima and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cuzco – another significant site of the Inca Empire.

Video Highlights

  • Retrace the steps of the Incas on the world famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for spectacular views of the ancient citadel

  • Wander through the Sacred Valley, explore Inca ruins, revel in nature and learn about local crafts.

  • Be awe-struck by Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world.

Key info

  • Capital city: Lima

  • Language: Spanish

  • Currency: Peruvian Sol

  • Time difference: GMT - 5 hours

  • Flight time: 12.5 hours to Lima

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My first trip to South America included some incredible memories made in Peru. Visiting Lake Titicaca for the first time, the world's highest navigable lake at 3800m above sea level, was particularly special. I have since returned to Peru and explored extensively, and I'm always eager for my next trip!

Peru trip ideas

Once you arrive in Peru, you’ll realise what all the fuss is about and wonder why you didn’t insist on visiting sooner. You’ll love the welcoming nature of the people, the flavoursome food they create, and the depth of Peru’s history and culture. You could spend a long time here and always still have lots to see and do.

All of our trip ideas shown below are examples, and we’ll amend, adapt or start from scratch, until we’ve created the perfect trip for you. See one you like, or have a trip in mind? Call us now to book: 01483 319 333

Places to go in Peru

The majestic Andes dominate the inland scenery and, in sharp contrast, a sweeping desert coastline is found along Peru’s western edge, where the Paracas peninsula offers plenty of opportunities for boat trips, wildlife spotting and sunbathing. In between, there’s the exotic Amazon jungle, best accessed by riverboat from Iquitos for a true adventure, where elusive wildlife can be spotted hiding in the dense canopy.

Of course, a trip to Peru wouldn't be complete with a visit to the impressive Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel that will take your breath away. Trekking the revered Inca Trail is an unforgettable experience but there are other adventures to be had besides that. Explore the terrain by white water rafting or rock climbing in the Sacred Valley, or kayak round peaceful Lake Titicaca, passing small settlements that have been home to indigenous tribes for hundreds of years.

It’s not all about the pursuit of adrenaline here though. Time in Lima can be spent enjoying the city’s notable foodie scene or sipping on Pisco sours, or lose yourself in Peru’s colonial history in the cobbled streets of Cuzco.

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Things to do in Peru

It’s the unique experiences which make a VIVID trip special, and here are just some of the things you can do during your trip to Peru. Experience the real country beyond the obvious, whether you want to hike the Inca Trail, take a Peruvian cooking class or go on a cycling tour of the Sacred Valley.

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