Holidays to Lake Titicaca, Peru

The largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world, Lake Titicaca is a must-see stop in Peru. The lake, stretching through the Andes Mountains of both Peru and Bolivia, is like nowhere else on earth thanks to its unrivalled setting and unique indigenous communities. Once worshipped by the ancient Inca who called Lake Titicaca the birthplace of the sun, it is now a popular Peruvian attraction and one well worth putting on your ‘to see’ list.

With over 70 islands in the lake, there is plenty of exploring to be done. The largest and most sacred is the Isla del Sol which is home to an ancient Inca temple site. Shoppers should head for Isla Taquile, home to skilled weavers where you can buy beautiful, handcrafted garments. Be sure to check out the Uros Islands too; these so-called Floating Islands are made out of reeds by locals who learnt the technique from their ancestors. The Uros Tribe originally created and lived on these manmade islands to escape the ever expanding Inca Empire. 

This area is a great spot for wildlife lovers; the lake alone boasts over 530 aquatic species included the threatened (and very big) Titicaca water frog. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity for bird watching. The perfectly blue daytime skies belie the bitter cold nights – so pack your new Peruvian alpaca jumper for the evenings! At 3,827m above sea level, the high altitude can take some getting used to. Those who haven’t already acclimatised should take it easy for a few days. Some travellers experience headaches, for which locals swear by coca tea.

Many start their Lake Titicaca adventure in Puno, where concrete buildings and historic sites mingle and blend together into the hillside backdrop. Be sure to check out the Catedral San Carlos Borromeo here; dating back to 1757, its Baroque-style exterior and sparse interior are beautifully juxtaposed. Known as the folkloric capital of Peru, the city is home to many fun festivals throughout the year and boasts some of the country's friendliest bars.


  • The highest navigable body of water in the world

  • A unique indigenous community

  • Interesting islands to explore

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