Machu Picchu Holiday

If you’re seeking adventure then this four day trek to Machu Picchu is the experience for you. This UNESCO World Heritage Site graces many intrepid travellers’ bucket lists and is often the entire reason for some people’s journey to Peru.

In peak season some 2,500 people arrive to take a look at this monumental moment in history, yet despite the heavy footfall, somehow the place retains an air of magic. Partly this is because nobody – not even the experts – can quite agree on what this slice of Inca history in the Andes was used for. It could have been a military base, a retreat for the rich or a ceremonial site.

And while the site is no doubt one of the best archaeological sites on the planet, the journey there is just as impressive if you take your time. On this trip you’ll hike the famous Inca Trail – it stretches out for 27 miles and takes around four days to hike. As well as the physical challenge you’ll be rewarded with beautiful scenery including mighty mountain peaks and intriguing Inca sites along the way.

Once you arrive, prepare to have your breath taken away. The ruins take up the size of an average village and you’ll need plenty of time to explore them. You’ll also want time to take in the surrounding scenery of subtropical forests, a biodiverse habitat home to many endangered species.



  • Explore these Inca ruins up in clouds

  • Revel in this four day challenging trek

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