Holidays to the Sacred Valley, Peru

Home to smart colonial towns and rural villages, The Sacred Valley is now an attraction in its own right. Around 3 hours drive from Cuzco, it was once a highly prized site by the Inca people thanks to its rich agricultural lands and as such you’ll find Inca ruins dotted throughout the valley. Trekking through the valley is a popular activity, but if that sounds like too much work you can always travel by horseback instead. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix with rafting or rock climbing, and shoppers are well served with multiple bustling markets.

Head to Pisac, a colonial village at the foot of an impressive Inca fortress atop a mountain spur. The weaving town is a magnet for those seeking spirituality and offers everything from yoga retreats to cleanses. For a look at an excellent example of Inca city planning head to Ollantaytambo, a charming village boasting quaint cobblestone streets and two huge Inca ruins. Nobody knows how the massive rocks were moved up the mountain without the use of wheels – making it all the more impressive! Ollantaytambo also offers excellent access to walking and cycling routes, too.

In Chinchero you’ll find excellent produce including potatoes, quinoa and fava beans at the local market. Chinchero is also one of the best places to get a first-hand look at the weaving process; learn how dyes are made and watch how the yarn is spun and patterns crafted.

Head to the Salinas de Maras to see an Inca infrastructure which is still used today. Local families own these ponds which collect salt and are different colours depending on the stage of evaporation. As you explore the Sacred Valley, look up at the residential roofs. Many are home to small shrines; you might see a ceramic bull for strength and fertility or perhaps a vial of holy water used to bless the house. Try some of the local dishes (including guinea pig, if you dare) and be sure to try a bottle of the popular sweet yellow beverage – Inca Kola.


  • Plenty of Inca ruins to explore and great access to Machu Picchu

  • Learn about the local weaving process in the colonial village of Pisac

  • Explore fantastic hiking and cycling trails

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