Trailblazing the Amazon

13 days from £4,595pp

Get back to nature in this scenic tour of exotic, cultural and breathtaking Bolivian delights.

Trailblazing the Amazon is a trip of epic proportions and will unearth more natural beauty than you thought possible. Explore the winding streets and buzzing atmosphere of Santa Cruz, take a canoe ride and paddle in the waters of the Madidi National Park. Meet exotic local wildlife in every area and uncover the spectacular salt flats of Uyuni, before wandering through Salt Lake and the incandescent Isla Incawasi.


  • Meet a wide array of local wildlife, from cheeky monkeys to colourful tropical birds

  • Gaze up at the Bolivian stars and learn about constellations

  • Soak up the local heritage and culture with expert guides

  • Meet a local spiritual healer

  • Wander across vibrant natural salt flats

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The time I spent travelling through South and Central America not only allowed me to perfect my Spanish, but also gave me real taste of authentic Latin America. The food, wine, landscapes and wildlife keep me going back for more whenever I can.

Trailblazing the Amazon

13 days from £4,595pp


This adventurous trip to Bolivia includes international and domestic flights, private transfers, accommodation, most meals and selected excursions.

From the first conversation until you arrive home from your holiday, you’ll be looked after by one of our Travel Designers who has travelled extensively in the region and will give advice from their personal experience on how to make the most out of your holiday.

All of our trips are entirely bespoke and we will continually refine your itinerary until it's perfect.





Santa Cruz de la Sierra

City / General Tour

Day 1 has finally arrived and you’ll be itching to get on that first plane to begin your exciting trip to Bolivia.

As you wave goodbye to family and friends, you’ll board the plane to your first destination of Madrid. After a quick changeover, you’ll embark on the next plane to Santa Cruz. Flying across the midnight skies, rest your head and get some essential shut eye on this relaxing overnight journey.

After an early morning arrival, you’ll be able to drop your bags off at the Hotel Cortez right away and indulge in some further slumber, ready to face an exciting city tour in the sunny afternoon. Meandering through the city streets, stop and gaze at the many wonderful sights to behold. Marvel at the Main Square, known to the locals as "Plaza 24 de Septiembre.” This very busy meeting point is an intriguing place to watch the world go by. And then it’s on to some exquisite shopping at the Arte Campo ‘artesanías’, to locate hidden trinkets and treasures, such as handmade paper, lamp shades and even hammocks! Perfect for lazy days back home.


Rurrenabaque - Madidi National Park


On day 3, you’ll continue unearthing beautiful sights with a flight to Rurrenabaque via La Paz. Known as a gateway to the many lush rainforests and pampas of northern Bolivia, once arrived you will continue through to the port and board an exciting motor boat to the Chalalan Ecolodge. You’ll have 5 hours on this unforgettable sailing tour to uncover the ever changing landscape of the Beni and Tuichi rivers. With fascinated eyes, you’ll make your way through the Bala cañón by the Beni River, and dock at the Chalalan port where more beautiful surroundings await in your picturesque ecolodge.

Take a short walking tour in the afternoon heat and listen closely to your expert guide, who will teach you all about the nature and sustainability of the natural resources around you. There’s a stunning view point where eager eyes can take in all of the captivating scenery of Chalalan lagoon and the tropical rainforest of Madidi National Park.

The following morning you’ll become at one with the local animals today, as you embark on a guided wildlife walk in the early hours. Wandering the winding trails, you’ll get face to face with squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and the cheeky capuchin monkey. The vivid colours of the toucans, macaws, parrots, eagles and guans will truly wow you.

After making some new exotic friends, you’ll spend the evening settling into a knowledgeable presentation based around the local community and the Madidi National Park, which encompasses lush American rainforest, gorgeous glaciers and Andean peaks. Feast on a home-cooked dinner at the lodge, and then for afters? It’s off to the nearby lake for a canoe ride. As you paddle around in new waters, listen closely for the nocturnal call of the animals and see which ones you can spot.



La Paz

General Tour

Wake up to another morning full of local wildlife with a short walk on one of the many surrounding trails. Fill up on a tasty lunch at your ecolodge as you wait to board the motor boat returning to Rurrenabaque. Then it’s back to the open arms of La Paz for the next journey of this exciting trip, and a blissful night’s slumber at the cosy Hotel La Casona.


Lake Titicaca

General Tour

Day 7 is one you definitely won’t forget. And you’ll begin the day with an overland journey from your resort in La Paz to the lakeside hamlet of Huatajata, located at the welcoming shores of Lake Titicaca.

You’ll set foot inside the Andean Roots Eco Village to uncover the lives of the Chipaya people, and soak in the uniqueness of the mud igloos dotted around, which the Chipaya people call their home. Take a tour of The Altiplano Museum, and learn about the cultural heritage of the Aymaras and the Incas. And don’t miss out on a stop by the mortuary towers of the Urus Chipaya. It’s also here that you will meet the Limachi family, who were builders of the RA II and Tigris for epic expeditions across the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll also make some new four-legged friends by way of the elegant vicuñas, llamas and alpacas. Not to mention the mythical Suri, another charming member of the Alpaca family! And to top off your day of culture? Discover your spiritual side with an audiovisual and night visit to "The Mystic World of the Kallawayas”, the natural healers of Bolivia. With a belief that you first must heal the soul before you can heal your body, soak in the truly spiritual essence of "Tata Benjo", the local Kallawaya. Not only will he bless you but you can watch in awe as he casts his sacred coca leaves, as a way to answer any questions.

And then it’s off to lay under the stars with a night visit to the Native Observatory "Alajpacha". This unforgettable experience will uncover southern constellations and glittering skies. Perfect for dreamy nights.

On day 8, wake up with a spring in your step (and a hearty breakfast in your belly) as you set upon an early morning cruise to Sun Island. Walk around the Pilcocaina Sun Temple and get close to your newly found friend, the local llama, as you take a trek to the Posada del Inka Eco Lodge. After yet more plentiful cuisine, you can spend the afternoon entirely at your leisure.


La Paz

General Tour

On your last day at Lake Titicaca, take a gentle wander down to the Inca “Grand Stairs” and the flowing waters of the Sacred Fountain. Drink up, as this heavenly liquid is believed to offer eternal youth and happiness. After a delicious lunch at the Uma Kollu archaeological restaurant with stunning views of the beauty beneath, take a cruise to the enchanting Moon Island and the Sun Virgins Temple known as “Iñak Uyu”. Board the speedy hydrofoil to the red roofed houses and religious sands of Copacabana. Stop to worship at the shrine and visit the innocence of the beautiful Indian Virgin.

You'll then make your way overland to La Paz through a road running parallel to the mighty snowed peaks of the Andes, where you'll stay for the night.



Activity & Adventure / General Tour

On day 10, you’ll arrive in the stunning city of Uyuni, where you’ll be picked up at the airport and privately transported to the Soniquera region. Gaze at the sparkling lagoons of Kañapa, Hedionda, Charcota and Honda. Before continuing on to to Desierto de Siloli, the home of weird and wonderful rock formations. Originating from petrified lava flows eroded by wind, these are a bizarre sight to behold.

After a glorious stay in your Hotel Ojo de Perdiz, you’ll wake up the very next day for a full day tour of Uyuni, where first up is a visit to the famous Stone Tree. Continue to the red tinged waters of the impressive Laguna Colorada. Inhabited by flocks of three different species of flamingos, marvel at the tokoko with red plumage, the chururu with white feathers and the vibrant magenta hues of the jututu. Take in the stunning scenery at magnificent heights and explore the deserts and mountain ranges. See if you can spot a the majestic vicuñas, llamas and vizcachas! Continue to the emerald waters of the Green Lagoon, before returning to Uyuni and transferring to Colchani.

Finally, you’ll be transported to the splendour of Salt Lake and incandescent Isla Incawasi. Uyuni is the largest salt flat on earth and provides visitors with the most scenic views of pure blue sky, vivid cacti and crystalline salt.

After a scrumptious picnic lunch in this beautiful landscape, head off to the tiny village of Tahua, at the foot of Thunupa Volcano. Take a gentle stroll to the cave of the Coquesa Mummies, then indulge in a satisfying dinner at the vibrant Tika Restaurant for dinner before jetting off to the airport with unforgettable memories made.

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