Tropical Treetops & Toucans

9 days from £2,545pp

Experience a real family adventure amid the beauty of the east coast of Central America. You’ll see dense tropical jungle from 80 feet high, glide down jungle rivers on kayaks or canoes, and explore caves from the waterways, before snorkelling on the beautiful beaches of the Southern Barrier Reef. 

After a spectacular adventure around the Mountain Pine Ridge area of San Ignacio, it's time to relax and enjoy some sun on stunning beaches. Spend your leisure time snorkelling or scuba diving to discover the wonderful array of marine life the eastern coast has to offer. This trip gives the perfect combination of activity and relaxation for a truly memorable family experience. 


  • Relax on the soft white sands of the east coast beaches

  • Spot iguanas as you drift along jungle rivers

  • Experience the vivid colours of the Barrier Reef

  • Zip through topical jungle at 80 feet off the ground

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The time I spent travelling through South and Central America not only allowed me to perfect my Spanish, but also gave me real taste of authentic Latin America. The food, wine, landscapes and wildlife keep me going back for more whenever I can.

Tropical Treetops & Toucans

9 days from £2,545pp

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