Wildlife holidays

From Asian Elephants to Africa’s Big Five, the Go Wild trips are perfect if you absolutely love animals. They’ll give you a chance to get closer to wildlife, see them in their natural habitat and engage with them in an ethical way. These trips can include anything from a full-on safari trip to an itinerary injected with a handful of animal sanctuaries. This style of trips work great for families, and we can tailor them completely for parties of all sizes. 


  • An emphasis on wildlife watching and animal sanctuaries
  • To venture off the beaten track to spot wildlife
  • The best local guides and animal experts to navigate through the wilderness and track animal movements
  • Longer periods spent outdoors with some physical activity like trekking
  • Unusual accommodation combined with luxury lodges
  • Experiences like bird watching, elephant sanctuaries, primate rescue centres, safaris and whale watching cruises
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn
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Here are some Go Wild trip ideas to inspire your holiday. All of our trip ideas can be amended and adapted, or you can start from scratch with the help of our Travel Designers. Call us now to book: 01483 319 333

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