Trails of the Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are found in a remote corner of north-west Botswana. The area is one of Botswana’s greatest treasures, with plenty of ancient San Bushmen artefacts and rock art to be discovered during your half-day tour.

The Tsodilo Hills are sacred to the San Bushmen as they believed that these hills are the site in which people first came to earth and therefore, for them, it is one of the only places the Great God in the eastern sky can be reached.

Throughout this guided tour you will have a local bushman who will lead you carefully along the gentle trails to see the hundreds of revered paintings. There are over 4,500 ancient paintings to be discovered, and the guide will explain how this artwork came about as well as answering any questions you may have about the area. This spectacular area was once described as a 'Louvre of the desert filled with treasure' and you will certainly be amazed seeing these designs up close.


  • See the ancient San Bushmen artefacts and rock art

  • Follow the gentle trails through the UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Discover paintings that were created 24,000 years ago

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