Gede Ruins visit, Malindi

On collection from your hotel, transfer with your guide to the Gede Ruins located just outside of the town of Malindi. On arrival walk around the ruins whilst keeping an eye out for monkeys, the golden rumped Elephant Shrew and a plethora of birdlife that inhabits the forest and ruins. If you quietly take a peep down one of the old wells you might spot one of the owls lurking in the cool darkness.

Continue your walk along the network of nature trails which are lined with 50 different species of plants and lead to lesser ruins throughout the forest. This indigenous forest is a sacred site for traditional rituals and sacrifices for the surrounding local community today. Continue onto the tree platform for a better chance at seeing various species of forest birds such as Turacos, Paradise Flycatchers and African Harrier Hawks.

This guided tour through the museum and ruins provides and insight into the fascinating culture of the Swahili people and the ancient town that they once constructed. There is a fair bit of history to be learnt here too with the town being mysteriously abandoned in the 16th Century shortly after being rebuilt due to an increasing population. Nobody knows why this wealthy, fruitful and thriving town was abandoned, however studies have revealed some possible motivations such as raids, the demise of the Sheikh of Malindi and the Portuguese loss of Mombasa.

Today the ruins and forest are under the care of the National Museums of Kenya as an important and protected archaeological site and monument. When you have seen and done all that you wanted to, head back to your hotel with your guide and vehicle.


  • An area rich in History and Archeology

  • Gorgeous nature trail through the primeval forest

  • Various wildlife, birds and plants

  • Mysteriously abandoned 12th century trading village

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