Turtle Sanctuary Visit, Malindi

On collection from your hotel, transfer with your guide to the Watamu Turtle Sanctuary and hospital located along the coast just outside Malindi. This is where the Local Ocean Trust cares for injured/sick marine animals and conducts important research in order to help educate the local community on the importance of managing their marine environments sustainably for future generations. This trust is supported by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, through TUSK.

On arrival, enjoy educational talks in the marine education centre on the conservation efforts for marine wildlife and a tour of the sanctuary including the turtle ponds. These ponds hold turtles that have been rescued from being accidently caught in fishermen’s nets.

Whist you are on the visit you may see and learn the difference between Green, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles. These five species of turtle are found in the waters along Kenya’s coastline and all five of them are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. The trust has been extremely successful with releasing over 8,630 turtles back to the ocean since its opening in the year 2000.

This is the only Turtle Rehabilitation Centre in East Africa and its name “The Local Ocean Trust” represents their goal to encourage people to look after their own “local ocean” and create a chain of properly managed and conserved coastlines. Further to this, the turtle nesting sites along the coast are protected and monitored by the trust to ensure a high hatchling rate.

Once you have learnt, seen and done all that you wanted to, head back to your hotel with your guide and vehicle.


  • Learn about global marine environmental challenges

  • Interact with some rare, rescued and recovering turtle species

  • Get involved with a cause supported by Prince Harry

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