Holidays to Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Few spots on Earth offer so many unique, unusual and downright surreal sights as Kenya’s oldest national park. The world’s only capital city national park, there’s really nowhere else you’ll be able to see a majestic maned lion close in on its prey against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, or glimpse one of the planet’s last few black rhinos, or share your breakfast with a giraffe from the comfort of a manor house.

Nairobi National Park may be one of the country’s smallest parks, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in diversity. From rolling wetlands, lush forests, sweeping plains and dramatic valleys, these rich ecosystems are home to over 400 species. Among these you’ll be sure to find some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, including lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebra and hippos. But perhaps the most sought-after resident at Nairobi is the elusive black rhino, with roughly 50 of the 5,000 individuals left in the wild today living within the park.

While the park boasts a broad range of accommodation options, from glamping in sumptuous tents to luxurious safari lodges, perhaps the most peculiar of all is the iconic Giraffe Manor. Built in the 1930s in the style of a Scottish hunting lodge, the manor is frequented by Rothschild giraffes, a remarkably social lot who enjoy poking their enormous heads through the windows to see who’s home. Residents at the manor can expect to see these majestic creatures bending their two-metre necks across the dinner table, and can even share their meal if they’re feeling generous.

Another opportunity to get up captivatingly close with the local fauna is to visit animal orphanages and conservation centres, where you can watch mischievous baby elephants having their morning feed. Not only will you get an incredible view of these wonderful animals, you’ll also be able to learn first-hand about the relentless poaching that has come to be one of the region’s most pressing socio-environmental issues.

While you can explore the ever-shifting landscapes of Nairobi in a safari van or on foot with an expert guide, those seeking more action and adventure can view the park from the air. Hot air balloons and helicopters are available to give visitors a unique perspective with stunning dawn views, or even transport them up to Mount Kenya.


  • Glimpse incredibly rare black rhinos - 50 of the world's remaining 5,000 call the park home

  • Dine with Rothchild giraffes in the renowned Giraffe Manor, a beautiful manor house

  • Get a birds eye view of the park from a hot air balloon or helicopter

  • Spot over 400 different species of African wildlife including lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebra and hippos

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