Sossusvlei & Sesriem Canyon excursion

For an otherworldly sight you’ll never forget, head to the world-famous Red Dunes of Namibia. Despite being one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, the sheer size of this natural attraction means it never feels crowded. These dunes are the product of countless centuries, forever shifting with the winds and the colours changing with the light. Today they are among some of the world’s highest and make up part of one of the oldest and driest ecosystems on earth.

For this tour you’ll take an early sight from your accommodation and head to the Sesriem entrance gate for sunrise. The temperature will still be mild and the beautiful dune contrasts will be at their very best. From here you’ll travel some 60km down the dune corridor, with plenty of stops along the way. You’ll soak up the magical desert wilderness of vast, rust hued dunes, clay pans and petrified forests. And while you might be wishing for sunshine, rain can be beautiful here. In the rare event of a very wet season, the marshland of Sossusvlei fills with water and the glistening surfaces makes for a stunning contrast with the vibrant red dunes.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take a guided trip up Dead Vlei or even summit the upper ridge of Big Daddy Dune, one of the highest dunes in the area. Along the drive you’ll also hop out at Dune 45, the world’s most photographed dune.


  • See the world’s most photographed dune for yourself

  • Walk up to Dead Vlei and climb the upper ridge of Big Daddy Dune

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If you’re looking for wide open spaces and an ‘other-worldly-feel’ to your holiday, then Namibia is your best location in southern Africa. I drove from Sossusvlei area all the way to Swakopmund with a friend of mine, where all of a sudden, the desert descends and you reach coast, surrounded by palm trees; it is a phenomenal contrast and gives one a great sense of achievement having driven all that way.

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