Catamaran Cruise, Swakopmund

Depart from the Walvis Bay Yacht Club near Swakopmund and continue into the beautiful bay area, which has plenty of hidden treasures to discover – a shipwreck, lighthouse, oyster platforms, different bird species, seals and an abundance of marine life. You will be going for an educational sightseeing tour in the Bay Area in search of the marine Big Five: whales, dolphins, mola, leatherback turtle and seals.

In the Bay Area, the catamaran will move alongside the oyster platforms. Your guide will share more information with you about locally cultivated Walvis Bay oysters. These delicacies are included in the tour, including sparkling wine, savoury snacks and desserts together with light drinks, cool drinks and water.

The journey proceeds to the Pelican Point where you will get a closer look at the lighthouse as well as the 60,000 resident cape fur seals. The old supply railway spoors can still be seen from the years when the lighthouse was occupied by the coast guards. Three different types of dolphins can be found here: the heavy side dolphins (endemic to the Namibian coast), dusky dolphins and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. In season – between July and November - the larger mammals, like the southern right whale and the humpback whales, may be spotted, and if you get lucky you might even spot some transient killer whales (orcas). Also look out for sightings of the mola mola (sunfish) and the leatherback turtles.

The three sailing catamarans will be accompanied throughout by a variety of seabirds, such as the kelp gull, Hartlaub’s gull, pelicans and cape cormorant.

All this can be experienced while comfortably relaxing in the saloon or out on the sunny deck all whilst enjoying a glass of sparkling wine and delicious snacks.

Suitable for all ages.


  • Spot the marine Big Five: whales, dolphins, mola mola (sunfish), leatherback turtles and seals

  • Enjoy the locally cultivated Walvis Bay Oysters and a glass of sparkling wine

  • Relax on the deck of one of the three sailing catamarans

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If you’re looking for wide open spaces and an ‘other-worldly-feel’ to your holiday, then Namibia is your best location in southern Africa. I drove from Sossusvlei area all the way to Swakopmund with a friend of mine, where all of a sudden, the desert descends and you reach coast, surrounded by palm trees; it is a phenomenal contrast and gives one a great sense of achievement having driven all that way.

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