Holidays to Waterberg Plateau, Namibia

An elevation which stands tall above the plains of the Kalahari, the sandstone Waterberg Plateau in central Namibia is a feast for the senses with its stunning red cliffs providing impressive views of the surrounding landscape. However, this is just one side of the story of this wondrous place - with it also being a home to a host of incredible plant and animal life down the years.

Declared a nature reserve in 1972, Waterberg Plateau is a habitat for around 200 species of birds, as well as rare antelope. It has also proven itself to be a real safe haven for protecting many endangered species, with initiatives seeing animals moved to the area before then being transferred to other parks.

Guided tours on foot provide a perfect opportunity to track and meet rhino and some of the other diverse wildlife across the region. Alternatively, there is the option to swap two feet for four wheels and drive on out into the savannah to see other local residents including giraffe.

If spectacular views and amazing wildlife were not enough, the area is also touched by important history as a result of the Battle of Waterberg – a conflict in 1904 which saw the Herero people come up against German colonial forces. A graveyard for German soldiers who lost their lives in the conflict can still be found in the area.

Whether you want to discover incredible history, see stunning wildlife or simply enjoy panoramic views of beautiful landscape, the Waterberg Plateau has it in abundance. Once you arrive you may simply never want to leave.


  • Gaze down at the plains of the Kalahari

  • Discover the area's array of wildlife such as rhino

  • Learn more about the area’s history of conflict

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If you’re looking for wide open spaces and an ‘other-worldly-feel’ to your holiday, then Namibia is your best location in southern Africa. I drove from Sossusvlei area all the way to Swakopmund with a friend of mine, where all of a sudden, the desert descends and you reach coast, surrounded by palm trees; it is a phenomenal contrast and gives one a great sense of achievement having driven all that way.

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