Waterberg guided walk

If you’re a keen walker with a love of wildlife, this guided walk will not disappoint. Waterberg offers up excellent hiking opportunities and this guided trek is one of the best ways to get the most out this fascinating area.

Despite being a fairly small park there are a lot of different environments to explore. As such, Waterberg has become a huge player in a number of conservation projects and many endangered animals – including white rhino and sable antelope – have been relocated here in a bid to increase their numbers.

At the heart of the park you’ll find a 250m high plateau made out of compacted Etjo sandstone. This remarkable hunk of rock formed around 200 million years ago and is the remainder of a much bigger plateau that would have once covered the entire area.

After a bright and early start you’ll meet your hiking guide and together you’ll hike the plateau. As you hike your guide will tell you about the plants and animals that thrive in this area. Along the way you’ll also learn more about the daily life and culture of the Herero people who live in the surrounding area. Before you know it you’ll be at the top of the plateau and from here you’ll enjoy excellent views across the valley and over the plains of the Kalahari.

If you’d rather a sundowner walk, there is a different hike you can start in the afternoon. For this you’ll enjoy a gorgeous and exclusive sundowner on Mount Olympus at the edge of the Kalahari. If you want to combine hiking with romance, this is an excellent option as you’ll also be treated to a glass of champagne while you take in the stunning valley views.

After your hike it’s time to head home. Those interested in military history should be be sure to visit the war cemetery en route, where you’ll find headstones remembering the soldiers killed in the Waterberg battle during the 1904 Herero uprising.


  • Enjoy an exclusive sundowner on Mount Olympus at the edge of the Kalahari

  • Learn about the Herero people living in this area

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