Tanzania Holidays

Out-of-this-world landscapes, wide grasslands, the highest peak in Africa and secluded beaches await you in Tanzania. Anticipate thrilling adventures on bespoke holidays to this varied destination, and what few realise about Tanzania is many of the glorious sights here can be viewed by bike. Ride through the luscious landscapes, discover coffee plantations and even embark on stimulating climbs through tropical forests. Alternatively, hop on a balloon safari over the iconic Serengeti Plains and spot herds of African buffalo, elephant and hartebeest, as well as crowds of giraffe roaming this expansive landscape, from an entirely unique viewpoint.

From safari to the sea, Tanzania holidays offer enchanting discoveries. Spot the Big Five on extraordinary safari experiences before witnessing majestic marine life on a scuba diving adventure in Zanzibar (coined as the best diving spot along the whole east coast of Africa). This is thanks to the sheer number of marine species swimming within the crystal clear waters, offering impressive sightings of kingfish, tuna, turtles, dolphins and whale sharks.

As well as life-changing wildlife sightings and serene surroundings, Tanzania holidays offer creativity, culture and tradition. Discover the remarkable African art and paintings housed in the fascinating Arusha Cultural Centre, as well as the intriguing collection of semi-precious stones, including tanzanite. For a truly authentic Tanzanian experience, visit a Masai Village and really immerse yourself in East African culture. Listen and watch impressive performances from Masai warriors and experience Tanzania for what it truly is – a hub of cultural diversity.


  • Wildebeest dashing across the Savannah Plains during the Great Migration

  • View a large variety of wildlife and birds on safari

  • The magnificent Zanzibar Archipelago and Indian Ocean coastline

  • Eras of striking and gracious culture and markets

  • Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro or hiking its lower slopes

Key info

  • Capital city: Dodoma

  • Language: Swahili

  • Currency: Tanzanian Shilling

  • Time difference: + 2 hours

  • Flight time: 14 hours to Dar es Salaam via Dubai

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After my first safari at 12 years old, I haven’t stopped going back to Africa. With diverse landscapes and the Indian Ocean on its doorstep, Tanzania has everything from giraffes to whale sharks. I’ll never forget watching a clan of hyena take on a lone buffalo in Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania Trip Ideas

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Places to go in Tanzania

Visit the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro and explore Kilimanjaro National Park on safari. Gaze up at the spectacular snow-capped peak and explore the lush farmland and rainforests around the base of the mountain. Visit the Ngorongoro Crater, teeming with wildlife and famed for its vast landscape of grasslands, forests and swamps. Offering year round wildlife ranging from cheetahs and lions to elephants and zebra, a trip to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is guaranteed to be amazing.

Witness the greatest animal migration in the world at the Serengeti National Park when hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras move northwest from the national park into the wetlands around the Grumeti River every year. In northern Tanzania, visit the Olduvia Gorge, known as the ‘cradle of mankind’. The oldest evidence of humans has been found here with the discovery of bones from millions of years ago.

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Things to do in Tanzania

It’s the unique experiences which make a VIVID trip special, and here are just some of the things you can do during your trip to Tanzania. Experience the real country beyond the obvious, whether it's watching the wildebeest dashing across the Savannah Plains during the Great Migration, learning about the properties, origins, medicinal and culinary uses of spices on a spice tour, or exploring the forested slopes while tracking the elusive Mahale mountain chimpanzees. To incorporate your favourite experiences into your dream trip, or learn more about the itineraries that we can create bespoke to you, just give our Travel Designers a call: 020 3510 5777

Map of Tanzania

When to go to Tanzania

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Zanzibar & the Spice Islands
The Selous & Ruaha National Parks
Ngorongoro Crater & Manyara
The Endless Serengeti Plains

Zanzibar & the Spice Islands

The Selous & Ruaha National Parks

Ngorongoro Crater & Manyara

The Endless Serengeti Plains