Arusha City Tour & Shopping

You will be collected from your hotel by your driver and guide who will escort you on this half-day tour around the colourful city of Arusha. Arusha is the safari capital of East Africa and a bustling, vibrant city nestled in the shadow of Mount Meru. This is the kind of place where you get a small whiff of what modern Africa is all about. This city tour allows you to stop wherever you like and will be tailored towards your likes and interests.

Pass by or stop at sites and landmarks such as the Clock Tower (the half way point between Cairo and Johannesburg), the Natural History Museum, various monuments celebrating Tanzania’s independence, local markets such as the Maasai Market and Spice Market (perfect if you are after a good bargain), art galleries, and craft shops such as the Cultural Heritage centre and Shanga Bead Factory.

Shanga Bead factory is without a doubt a highlight of this tour. This initiative provides work for deaf and disabled people with craft skills, allowing them to earn a salary in a country where they would otherwise have nothing. Here they create beautiful jewellery, arts and crafts from recycled materials and hand blown recycled glass for you to observe, get involved in and should you wish purchase.

Your guide will not only escort you but also answer any questions you may have, help you with bartering and translating, provide assistance and offer local tips and advice. Once you have had your fill of exploring, discovering and shopping head back to your accommodation to reflect on the myriad of glorious experiences you have enjoyed.


  • Visit the colourful Shanga Bead factory and workshop

  • Peruse the Maasai Markets for traditional wares to take home

  • Discover carefully crafted art at the Cultural Heritage Centre

  • Soak up the lively ambience of the local fruit, coffee, nut and spice markets

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When people think of Tanzania, they think of the Serengeti National Park, they think of David Attenborough narrating over a stalking cheetah. Tanzania simply embodies safari. You can also visit the vibrant 'safari city', known as Arusha. I bought some beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-made glasses here, which were crafted by people with learning disabilities. This great social enterprise is known as Shanga, and you can visit here during your stay and learn how everything is made.

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