Holidays to Maswa Private Reserve, Tanzania

Maswa Game Reserve borders the Serengeti National Park, and as such shares much of its unmistakable ecosystem, with seasonally dry rivers, permanent watering holes, acacia parkland and vast, open plains – it truly is teeming with unforgettable sights.

The area's major draw for most visitors is of course its wildlife; although Maswa was originally set up as a hunting concession, in recent years this form of tourism has been overtaken by a more animal-friendly approach by guests. Photography is understandably very popular here, and indeed you'll find a definite thrill in 'shooting' your first giraffe, impala, lion or leopard.

The best way of getting around the reserve is on a guided safari drive, where you'll have plenty of chances to get that perfect picture – or simply just watch in awe as these graceful and impressive animals go about their daily lives in their natural habitat.

At night, the excitement takes on a different form, as the sun sets and the cool, clear skies allow for a stunning view of the stars. With most of the accommodation in the area taking the form of a tented camp or small lodge, there will be no impediment to your enjoyment of this nighttime scene which is unrivalled by any town or city back home. Meanwhile, as the night closes in, some of the reserve's animals really come alive – making a night time safari drive a fascinating counterpoint to the daytime excursions which will likely make up the majority of your trip.

Thanks to the flora, fauna and unique landscape, Maswa Private Reserve is also the ideal place for a hike. While you have to be mindful of some of the wildlife – local guides can help here – there are plenty of trails to follow which offer wonderful sights of not just animals but also fig trees, acacias, and large granite kopjes. It truly is an unspoiled wilderness.


  • See wild animals in their natural environment

  • Spend the night under the stars

  • Experience a guided safari drive

  • Hike the reserve to enjoy the flora up close

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