Holidays to Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

From the moment you arrive here, deep in the heart of southern Tanzania, you’ll be entranced by the magical spectacle of untouched African wilderness. Named after Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter who died here in 1917 while fighting during WW1, this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site is the biggest game reserve in Africa. At four times bigger than the Serengeti it's over two and a half thousand square kilometres in size. Here, you’ll be able to gaze at African bush elephants, Plains zebras, Masai giraffes, lions, crocodiles, hippos and some of Tanzania’s last remaining black rhinos – all in their natural habitat, and in larger numbers than in any other African game reserve or national park.

Getting to the reserve is an adventure in itself: you might have flown in on a small aircraft from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar, enjoying breathtaking views of the bush from the air. Or you might have taken the Tanzania Zambia railroad, one of the great rail journeys of the African continent. Or you may have even come on an exhilarating road trip – stopping off at remote rural villages and learning how these close-knit communities live and work. But, however you get to Selous Game Reserve, you’ll enjoy some unparalleled scenery and wildlife watching when you’re here.

Bisected by the Rufiji River and punctuated by hot volcanic springs, the Selous is host to over 350 species of birds and reptiles. Big herds of Tanzanian elephants gather by the water’s edge, and boat safaris allow you to move swiftly across the lakes and channels to watch the animals at close quarters – including hippos and crocodiles. Walking safaris allow you to experience moments of intense beauty and tranquillity in a majestic primeval landscape that will stay with you for a lifetime. For the really adventurous, there’s also the chance to go on overnight fly camping excursions, sleeping out under a mosquito net in the heart of the bush land.

There’s no doubt that a stay on Selous Game Reserve is a unique and memorable experience – and that applies to the luxurious accommodation too. Some truly exceptional tented camps and lodges offer breathtaking views over the bush, and of hippos playing in the water. With their exquisite furniture, rugs and canvas walls, you can enjoy all the comforts of home in the middle of the African wilderness. Bathe in hot springs, take a dip in an infinity pool, enjoy aromatherapy and massage treatments, or maybe a bush breakfast. Wherever you stay in this vast reserve, you can be sure of one thing: it’ll be a spectacle like no other.

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Map of Selous Game Reserve