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Zanzibar archipelago off Africa's east coast, simply exudes paradise. Have your breath taken away by dazzling white sand, lilting palm trees and the glorious waters of the Indian Ocean. With a friendly local population, rich heritage, wonderful scenery and delicious fresh food, it's easy to see why it's so popular with nature lovers, newlyweds and families looking to get away from it all.

With a history spanning Muslim, Portuguese and later British imperial rule, Zanzibar has been famous throughout its history for its trade in spices and slaves. Indeed the 'spice islands' as they are sometimes known, still produces cloves, lemongrass, sweet basil and a variety of eucalyptus species. It all means Zanzibar smells as beautiful as it looks.

Without a doubt, the enduring image of Zanzibar is its beaches. With silky white sand, emerald water and the shade of gently swaying palm trees, this is island paradise - pure and simple. Head north, where Nungwi village reveals itself behind coconut trees and banana palms. After topping up your tan, head to highly rated Munira to try local dishes like octopus curry and biryani. Grab a spot at Cholo's Bar, on the western side of Nungwi, to watch a breathtaking sunset over beers and cocktails.

Jump on the small ferry boats from Stone Town to the famous Prison Island. Built to house belligerent slaves during the nineteenth century, it was bought by the British and transformed into a quarantine zone for yellow fever. Today Prison Island is home to a family of giant tortoises, peacocks and a pristine beach.

Nature lovers flock to Zanzibar for its several excellent dive sites - the most renowned of which is Mnemba Atoll. If you're lucky, you can snorkel with playful dolphins and spot schooling fish along a pristine four kilometres of coral reef. 

Renowned throughout the world for its eclectic architecture, Stone Town is another must-see during your visit to Zanzibar. This UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases dazzling building designs with influences from Indian, European, African and Islamic styles, with a delightful coral stone drawing the different styles together. Don't miss the House of Wonders, home to the Museum of History and Culture of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast. 

To experience all the verve and energy of Zanzibari life, look no further than the famous Darajani Market, in Zanzibar Town. Locals and visitors alike flock to haggle over everything from the day's freshly caught seafood to electronics. The covered market spills out into the surrounding streets, and is best visited early in the morning for the freshest fish, or later in the afternoon for more calm and smaller crowds. 


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