Laban Rata Resthouse

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  • A basic but clean place to sleep on your Mount Kinabalu climb
  • The buffet restaurant serves hot and nourishing food

Flung high up on Mount Kinabalu, the Laban Rata Resthouse will be a welcome sight when you spot it emerging on your hike up this incredible mountain. Your weary limbs won’t complain at the basic accommodation - a hot shower, nourishing meal and a decent bed will be all you need at this point on your expedition. You’ll be ready to rise early the next morning for your sunrise climb to the summit.

The accommodation is mostly dormitory style with bunkbeds and shared facilities, although there are a couple of private rooms with private bathrooms too. The dorms aren’t heated so go prepared to sleep in your clothes, snuggled into the sleeping bag provided by Laban Rata Resthouse. Your overnight stay here is simply a place to get some sleep and revitalise yourself with some hot food at the buffet-style restaurant.


  • Restaurant