Cooking Class at Knai Bang Chatt, Cambodian Coast

Don your pinny and get stuck in to this hands-on cooking class. Whether you’re a hopeless beginner or a serious chef, you’ll love learning from the professional chef at the Knai Bang Chatt Resort. Your class takes place in the hotel gardens, overlooking the Gulf of Siam.

Your chef will teach you all about the key ingredients used in Khmer cooking, like locally-grown pepper and fermented fish paste, and an array of exotics herbs and spices. You’ll help with chopping, pounding, mixing and frying the ingredients, alongside your chef who will demonstrate the techniques used to prepare traditional Cambodia dishes. Depending on the season, dishes may include ‘amok’, a thick curry made from coconut milk, sweet potatoes and vegetables, pickled lime soup, and green mango salad. Once you’ve finished your prep, take a seat in the lush gardens and tuck into your homemade feast.


  • Professional chef

  • Lush setting in tropical gardens

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