Beijing City Tour

Get to know Beijing like the back of your hand on this action-packed city tour. You’ll kick-start your day by visiting Tiananmen Square. At 440,000 square metres it’s the world’s largest public square and is both home to traditional Chinese design and Soviet influences. Arrive early to catch the morning flag-raising ceremony in which soldiers march at exactly 108 paces a minute and 75cm per pace. You’ll also learn about the history of the square, including the infamous protests of 1989.

Next you’ll visit the Forbidden City, home to the country’s biggest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings. It’s one of China’s most popular destinations and attracts 14 million visitors each year – fortunately this place is hardly cramped so it doesn’t get too crowded. Boasting thousands of rooms filled with ancient artefacts, you’ll want to dedicate some time to exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll tour the city with a guide and learn more about the mesmerizing dynasties who called this place home.

You’ll finish up the tour at the Summer Palace, once a playground for bored emperors. Today the temples, gardens, pavilions and bridges are fascinating spots to explore. The palace has made UNCESCO’s World Heritage List and they declared it “a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design.” You’ll finish with a scenic boat ride on the man-made Kunming Lake, which covers around 540 acres taking up three-quarters of the park.


  • Visit Tiananmen Square – the world’s largest public square

  • Explore the Forbidden city home to the biggest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings in China

  • Take a boat ring on Kunming Lake

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