Holidays to Guilin, China

Picturesque Guilin vies for the title of China’s Most Beautiful Place. The majestic limestone karsts and scenery along the shimmery jade ribbon of the Li River make this an unmissable stop on a Chinese holiday itinerary, particularly if you’re the type that’s never without a fancy camera. Although even the most accomplished shutterbug might fail to do the true beauty of this region justice.

The town is modern and pleasant enough, but your time here will be mostly spent enjoying a quick meal and planning your adventures around the wider area and choosing which boat trip to take down the Li River. Make sure you plan a route that takes you to Elephant Trunk Hill Park. It’s where the riverside spectacle known as Elephant Hill is found, a curious rock formation that looks like a giant elephant drinking from the river. Other sights in the park include pagodas and temples and a river island known as Love Island.

The beauty of Guilin extends beyond everything you can see from the river. The Reed Flute Caves are colossal network of caves on the banks of the Peach Blossom River, located on the southern side of Guangming Mountain. The cave’s stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns and stone mantle are lit for visitors to marvel at the incredible structures. For a less orchestrated adventure, try the Longmen Water Cave, an extensive and unaltered cave of narrow passages. You’ll need to enlist a guide and go prepared with a helmet and a torch. But your adventure of crawling through mud and climbing up stalagmites is rewarded with the discovery of an underground waterfall pool.



  • Dazzling natural beauty of limestone karsts and caves

  • The shimmering Li River with storybook rural life on its banks

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