Cruise Down the Li River, Guilin

Cruise your way past scenes that have inspired generations of Chinese painters on this beautiful cruise down the Li River. So revered is this scenery it’s even pictured on the 20 RMB note! As you make your way from Guilin to Yangshuo you’ll be treated to the famous karst mountain landscape this region is famed for - so don’t forget to pack your camera!

You’ll head off for a morning cruise on a shared boat where you’ll have access to the top viewing platform for the ultimate river views. As your wind your way down the river you’ll pass wallowing water buffaloes, charming local villages and farmers out at work against an unforgettable backdrop of limestone scenery.

You’ll pass hundreds of karst peaks towering up out of the splendid waters of the Li River. Even the tallest of visitors will feel small as they cruise down the river past these mighty natural formations.

Over the years guides have given names to the rock formations taking inspiration from their natural design. Your guide might point out the ‘Calligraphy Brush’ or ‘Dragon’s Mouth’. Be sure to look out for ‘Elephant Trunk Hill’ this natural hill looks uncannily like a huge elephant drinking from the river with its trunk! Also keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Mountain of Splendid Hues’, a beautiful river feature comprising of layered coloured rocks.


  • See the unforgettable karst mountain landscape

  • Look out for ‘Elephant Trunk Hill’

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