Dongxiangmi Grand Hotel, Guizhou

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  • Clean and comfy
  • The perfect no-frills base in central Rongjiang


In the centre of a rural town in remote China, this hotel is the best in town. Comfortable and clean, it is no-frills, but served with all the amenities you would need to a comfy stay.

Breakfasts include Chinese options (such as congee and noodles) as well as Western ones, such as muffins and fruit. 41 rooms in this 3* hotel provide a clean, comfortable stay; the perfect foothold for further explorations into central Rongjiang and the Southeastern Guizhou region beyond.

Southeastern Guizhou is a region full of natural splendour in abundance. Populated by 427 million people of various different backgrounds, including Miao, Dong and Yao, Guizhou will expose you to the distinctive folk customs of these peoples in a picturesque environment of limestone hills.

Rongjiang as well as Congjiang are two of the main small ‘tourist’ towns in this area, although you should expect a different standard to bigger Chinese towns and cities catering to the tourist market – western toilets, for example, are rare, and heating is not always available.

As well as a visit to the Dong village of Zhaoxing, where you’ll experience Dong traditions and culture as well as their beautiful architecture (all wood, using no nails), other Dong villages such as Xiaohuang and Chejiang villages are in the vicinity of Rongjiang. Zhanglu village, one of the Chejiang villages, is the cradle of the Dong dialect. Zaidang village, only 30km from Rongjiang itself, is famous for Dong singing, a tradition which produces the most amazing sound – the skill is not professionally trained but handed down, generation to generation.

The national forest park of Leigong is a great alternative to these human explorations around the villages. Leigong Mountain, the highest mountain in the Miaoling range, sits within the park, and virgin forestland covers more than 25,000 hectares. Dotted through the forest are many Miao villages.


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