A day on the Great Wall

Spend a day at the world’s largest military structure and revel at China’s best known attraction – we’re of course talking about the Great Wall of China! The product of backbreaking work over a period of over two thousand years, China’s iconic Great Wall now spans 5,500 miles from the Korean border into the Gobi desert.

Easily one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, it was originally built to protect Chinese states from invaders. Today this UNESCO World Heritage Site radiates a far more peaceful atmosphere, particularly in the less crowded sections which is precisely where you’ll head.

On your trip you’ll take a two hour ride from Beijing to reach Jinshanling, a remote section of the wall which you’ll be able to bike and explore in peace. Jinshanling is half restored and half wild boasting some of the best preserved parts of the Great Wall. As you hike your way along it you’ll spot many original features as well as soak up the excellent views afforded from the steep sections.

The great wall at Jinshanling is home to a complete defence system; learn about the fascinating history as you walk from watchtower to watchtower. If you visit on an early summer morning you might be lucky enough to spot the remarkable sea of cloud shrouds surrounding the wall at Jinshanling – cameras at the ready! In April the surrounding mountain slopes are covered in blossoming apricot flowers which create quite the picture.

Your trip is made to suit you, so you can walk as much or as little as you like. If you’d like to extend your time at the wall you could even stay at the nearby Brickyard retreat afterwards and enjoy a magnificent sunset over the wall.


  • See one of the new Seven Wonders of the World

  • Enjoy a packed lunch overlooking the Wall

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