Holidays to Komodo, Indonesia

To the west, an early-morning boat ride from Labuan Bajo takes you across the sea to an island that rises out of salt and myth - Komodo, home of the dragons, and one of Indonesia's most spectacular spots.

Komodo National Park includes three major islands KomosoRinca, and Padar, and activities include hiking up to vantage points to take in spectacular views of the islands, diving amidst the gorgeous teeming shallows, and of course, visiting the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. 

Komodo dragons may not breathe fire, but reaching up to ten feet in length and weighing in at 70 kilos, it isn’t hard to see how these fast, muscular predators earned their name. Their forked tongues, armoured scales, and long, sharp claws give them a fearsome look, and they are the top predators in their ecosystem, feeding on birds and mammals, and occasionally each other. These large, intelligent predators are spectacular, and experienced guides will help you visit their jungle homes safely. 

In the evening, once you’ve explored the park, head back to the main islands on a luxurious cruise across the azure waters, and watch the sun set over the dragons’ island.


  • Komodo Dragons in their lush jungle home

  • Hiking to see the stunning island vistas

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