Tokyo Private City Tour

Japan’s bustling capital city has so much to offer that it’s difficult to know where to begin. You don’t have to worry about that though, as we know exactly what to include to give you the best overview of Tokyo during your half-day private city tour. A local guide will lead you through the famous, and lesser-known parts of this fascinating city, beginning with a visit to the outside grounds of the Imperial Palace. Home to Japan’s Imperial Family and the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan, this stunning palace is built on an elevated position on the site of the old Edo Castle and overlooking a tranquil lake. The East gardens are absolutely beautiful, particularly when the cherry blossoms are out, so be sure to have your camera’s ready for a snap of the iconic palace on the hill with views of Tokyo in the background.

Next you will head to Tokyo’s old town of Asakusa to immerse yourself in the past and learn about days gone by as your guide reveals some interesting facts about Tokyo’s history. You will visit Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple which is said to offer blessings for safe travel, family happiness and, best of all, ‘whatever your heart desires.’ It’s time to get thinking! Once you’ve put your wishes out there, it’s time to wander down the shopping street of Nakamise for local snacks while browsing plenty of souvenirs. With full bellies you won’t want to walk again just yet, so you’ll take the subway across town to Meiji Shrine; a shrine dedicated to the deified spirit of Emperor Meiji and a popular place for traditional Japanese weddings.



  • Visit the Imperial Palace; home to the Emperor of Japan

  • Make a wish at Tokyo’s oldest temple

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One of the things I love most about Japan is that it is a country of contrasts. From the vibrant, modern cities bustling with life to the tranquil countryside, interspersed with traditional villages and soothing landscapes. Also, let’s not forget the incredible Japanese cuisine. No matter where you go, the food is delicious! There are so many things that keep me coming back time and time again.

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