Holidays to Kong Lor, Laos

Kong Lor is in the countryside of the Khammouane province of Laos. It’s a little village on a flat plain, flanked by mountains. But Kor Lor is most famed for a cavern under those mountains, Tham Kong Lo - often just called Kong Lor Cave. A seven kilometre underground river promises a wondrous boat journey (that’s a little white-knuckle at times!).

Climb aboard a wooden sampan and your skilled boatman will whizz towards the ominous looking mouth of the cave and you’ll be plunged into darkness. You’ll be provided with a headtorch, although our top tip is to bring your own too, just not the one on your phone – valuables should stay at home for this adventure. The cave is narrow and hazardous in places so it’s an exhilarating journey to say the least.

You’ll get the chance to disembark and take a short walk around the cave to see the haunting stalactites and stalagmites that are illuminated in the gloom of the cave. Eventually, you’ll emerge on the other side at Ban Natan where there are vendors for drinks and snacks, before you make the return journey back through the cave.




  • A traditional Laos village

  • Spectacular cavern to discover

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