Learn about the Myths and Folklores of Luang Prabang

Enjoy an evening of storytelling with a local theatre company whose aim is to keep the legends of Luang Prabang alive by telling myths, legends and folktales native to the area. Located in a small theatre in an old, colonial house, the performance goes on for one hour and the theatre seats a total of 30 people, making it an intimate and mystical performance.


In Lao there are myths to explain the origins of the people and also famous landmarks, and this performance is a great opportunity to hear the local myths and folktales believed by, and told to, the native people of Lao.

The actors will tell the audience Luang Prabang specific tales about the origins of landmarks including Mount Phusi and the Mekong River. The actors will also tell some traditional and better known tales more commonly known all across Lao. The acting is accompanied by traditional music played on a khene, a bamboo instrument that’s commonly played in Lao and Northern Thailand during folktales.


Once the show ends, head out into the evening for a drink in a local café along the banks of the river.

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