Epic trek around Northern Laos, Muang La

Today you’ll go on an epic trek around Northern Laos. The trek will take roughly about 5 hours and will start with a 25 minute 4x4 ride to a small mountain road overlooking the Kam Ko River as your starting point. You’ll trek through lush forests, narrow mountain trails and small bamboo bridges to experience some of the best views in Laos and to meet rural villagers.

Your first stop will be Huay Ho, a relaxed Kamu village where you’ll learn all about animism – the belief that plants, inanimate objects and other natural phenomena all have souls. You’ll get a chance to see the tools the villagers use in their fields and an insight into their cultures and customs.

The next stop will be Lao Loum village sitting in the heart of a beautiful valley. You’ll have to follow a narrow trail to get there, walking alongside a mountain stream along the way. You’ll flop onto a comfortable spot with a nice view for a well deserved rest and picnic.

Well rested and with a full belly, you’ll now walk along a mountain trail overlooking some fantastic scenery. Your guide will tell you all about the different plants and herbs the locals use in their cooking and medicine. You’ll be heading to the Yang village of Long Ya which you’ll get to by crossing some small bamboo bridges. Here you’ll learn about the production of rice alcohol (Lao Lao) as well as seeing some communal activities first hand, like drying vegetables, setting animal traps and meal preparations.

Then you’ll trek for another 2 kilometres to see the hidden temple of Wat Hoytinphabath, where you’ll see a 35 meter long reclining Buddha statue. You’ll also see the footprints of Buddha embedded in stone. The temple fits perfectly with the surrounding landscape, giving the whole place a serene feel. This will be your last stop, after which you’ll follow the dirt road along the River Huay Ya back to the resort.

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