Holidays to Oudomxay, Laos

Find adventure in Oudomxay, also known as Udomxai, located in the Nam Ko River Basin. Here, magnificent and scenic mountains surround you, leading to an altogether new playground – caves. Here you can find the longest cave in Laos, Chom Ong Cave. With a length of 16 kilometres this is one you will want to visit!

This important intersection between China and Vietnam offers a new take on the region, a fusion of language, cuisine and experiences make life in Oudomxay exciting. Visit the Luxay Market for a contrast to the traditional Lao shops or visit the Chinese Market for an amazing sense of flavour and spice – it tends to be open until late at night. With around 15% of the population Chinese, the dining delights from the two cultures really are endless. 

Overall life along the river is unique, especially in the protected rainforest that accompanies it. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful eco-tourism destinations you may find in South East Asia. Fiercely protected by the Forest Area Conservation Ecological Tourism, the area that surrounds Nam Kat Yola Pa is the protected forest that surrounds the Nam Ko River Basin. It offers unimaginable tours and activities for both trekkers, adventures and even thrill seekers. Visit the Nam Kad Waterfall for a swim in the ice-cold basin or simply explore this wonderful jungle atmosphere for a true experience of Laos. 


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