Holidays to Prince William Sound, Alaska

Prince William Sound is 10,000 square miles of south central Alaska at its most exquisite. It’s a protected area of the state’s pristine waterways, fjords, Chugach Mountains and a staggering 10,000 glaciers. It’s also home to three key communities – Cordova, Valdez and Whittier.

Boat trips out on the calm waters of the sound are the best way to spot the tidewater glaciers pouring into the water and to gaze upwards to the enormous peaks that rise straight from the water’s edge. It won’t be unusual to visit on a rainy day, but rainfall just adds to the drama of Prince William Sound’s waterfalls (just make sure you pack your waterproofs).

A highlight of the Prince William Sound is the Columbia Glacier, a fast-moving flow that’s already retreated about nineteen miles since 1980. The best way to see it is on a boat trip or by kayak. Keen kayakers will probably already know of the famous Blackstone Bay, with seven glaciers calving their fresh water into icy blue of the bay. The sound of the ice crashing into the water is unforgettably loud. 

But it’s not just the sight of the glaciers that make Prince William Sound special. The wildlife that dwell here is an exciting spectacle and a real treat for wildlife photographers; whales, porpoise, sea otters and sea lions frolic in the waters, and on the mainland, bear, deer and goats roam. 

Map of Prince William Sound