At VIVID Travel, client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We listen to your feedback to continuously improve and refine our service, and to help other consumers make an informed decision about their holiday provider. That’s why we collect feedback through Feefo, an independent global ratings and reviews provider.


What is Feefo? 
Feefo is an independent ratings and review company that’s used by thousands of the world’s most trusted businesses to gather and share impartial customer reviews and ratings. 


How does it work?
Feefo emails you a short survey after you’ve booked your trip so you can rate the service you received, and another after you return from your VIVID trip so you can review the experience itself. These surveys take just a few minutes to complete and you can share as much detail as you like. Feefo then publishes all these ratings and reviews on their website, and allows us to publish the reviews on our website, too. We read all reviews to ensure we can quickly act upon any negative experiences clients may have had, and to celebrate positive comments too.


You can read VIVID Travel reviews here.

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