The genesis of VIVID Travel dates back to 2008 on our honeymoon. I loved the cocktail of experiences my wife had designed for us across South Africa, Zambia and Mauritius. The highlight for me was white water rafting down the Zambezi river even though I spent more time in the river than than the boat!

I found the variety of experiences really magical and decided someone needed to save the world from boring beach holidays, languishing around the pool for a week or longer, gazing into a mobile phone half the time! Surely life is too short? We now have 3 children and soon realised that just like honeymooners, families have specific and different requirements when travelling. I became frustrated dealing with travel companies that did not seem to understand connecting rooms and car seats were not optional extras but essential requirements and thought this was something else we could do better.

In 2015 I was finally able to realise that ambition and founded VIVID Travel with one simple purpose: enable everyone, families included, to enjoy extraordinary journeys that were packed with a variety of memorable experiences, designed 100% to their own tastes. All the trips you see on the website are examples only. We really can build in anything your heart desires*. Challenge us! We can also tailor any trip to cater for different parties, for example with / without kids, big and small, or indeed have several itinerary variations for different people on the same overall trip.

We have travelled with VIVID Travel extensively as a family including an epic adventure across Hong Kong and China. We understand and cater for the different needs different people have. That is the beauty of a personally designed trip. There really are no limits. You can have complete confidence in our Travel Designers, they are all 100% genuine experts in their chosen destinations, and will be on-hand to help you every step of the way from the first conversation on, including during your trip overseas and thereafter. 

We are a proud to be owner managed and to offer you a very personal service. You are welcome to contact me directly anytime.

Best regards,

Kane Pirie - Managing Director & Founder 

*within the limits of our ethical policies. We don't sell elephant rides for example.

The VIVID Travel Team

Each VIVID vacation is unique; designed with genuine expertise and destination knowledge by Travel Designers who have lived in and traveled extensively across the countries they specialise in. They have an unrivaled first-hand knowledge of all the experiences, accommodation and transport options available.

Kane (cropped)


Managing Director and Founder

Kane has served as a director with ABTA, the UK trade association, alongside several other company boards. He occasionally admits to being a Chartered Accountant. 

Adam Gill  (cropped)


Technology Director

Adam has held a number of senior technology positions including CTO with dnata and Travel Republic. He is actually quite sensible and rarely wears his sombrero into the office.

Caroline K


Favourite country: New Zealand

Dramatic and diverse landscapes, incredible outdoors, world class wine and some of the most unique wildlife in the world

Ella, VIVID Travel


Favourite country: Ecuador & Galapagos

Wildlife opportunities are endless, one minute you are snorkelling with sea lions, the next face to face with a blue-footed booby.

Alice, VIVID Travel


Favourite country: China

Impossible to sum up, you can see every kind of landscape, soak up the most vibrant cities and enjoy the tastiest food.



Favourite country: Canada

Born in Toronto, my heart lies in Western Canada. The spectacular landscapes, incredible wildlife and outdoorsy culture keep me heading back for my fix year after year. 



Favourite country: Myanmar

I love the mystery of this undiscovered country, and will always remember the beautiful sunsets over Bagan's temples

Iwona (cropped)


Favourite country: Zambia

White-water rafting on the Zambezi was an adrenaline rush you just have to try for yourself!



Favourite country: USA

There is so much to see and do in this expansive land, the USA is home to some of the world's most incredible National Parks, iconic buzzing cities and fascinating history.

Steve (cropped)


Favourite country: Italy

Renowned for its art, culture, style and of course its outstanding culinary scene, I can't stay away. Sunny days on the banks of beautiful Lake Como just can't be beaten. 

Tomasz_crop .jpg


Favourite country: Egypt

I simply love discovering the history of ancient civilisations. Breathtaking monuments, scening deserts and bustling cities – Egypt is a fascinating and beautiful place!



Office Dog/Chief Happiness Officer 

I like long walks, belly rubs and sticks.

Where to find us

Come and meet us! Our Travel Designers are extraordinarily friendly, full of ideas and would love to talk you through your custom made vacation plans over a cup of coffee!


Compass House


Compass House, Riverside West, Smugglers Way, London, SW18 1DB

Tel: 020 3510 5777

Email: [email protected]