Vacations to Lake Naivasha, Kenya

A deep blue mirror of the sky above, flecked white with pelicans and dotted with huge hippos basking in the sun, Naivasha is the Rift Valley’s highest – and perhaps most beautiful – lake.

Which of course means that safaris here don’t happen in vans, but in boats. Mighty water buffalo and hippopotami wade along the shores of the lake, while myriad multi-coloured birds fill the seamless blue of water and sky.

Hopping off on Crescent Island, visitors can stroll around at ease observing wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and more, safe in the knowledge that no predators are about to pose a threat. This offers a unique opportunity to get closer than ever to these gargantuan grazers.

Horseback safaris are also available on the island, giving visitors the chance to gallop alongside the animals and feel part of the herd.

But flora and fauna aren’t the only form of natural beauty in the area. Nearby Hell’s Gate National Park is not as uninviting as its name would suggest. A geological marvel, the park is a labyrinth of monumental natural structures. Gaping gorges, dramatic cliffs and towering pillars of red earth make for a surreal landscape. While you’re in Hell’s Gate, the Olkaria geothermal spa is definitely worth a visit. Huge billows of steam rise up from this natural hot tub, ensconced in the rolling green hills. You might even spot baboons while you soak, as well as a huge variety of birds.

If you want to roam even further set off up Mount Longonot, a dormant volcano rising high above the Rift Valley. The 5km hike is arduous, but the spell-binding views from the crater rim make it more than worthwhile. You might even spot a lion or a leopard on the way up.

With accommodation options ranging from cosy lodges to sumptuous luxury tents, Naivasha is an ideal base for discovering the region hiking on foot or by bike. Nearby lakes include Oloidien, with its charming 1960s cottage and extensive families of hippos, and Sonachi, an emerald green crater lake that provides the perfect backdrop for its bright pink flamingo inhabitants.


  • Take a boat safari to spot hippos, buffalo and more

  • Ride alongside zebra on beautiful Crescent Island

  • Enter Hell's Gate and bathe in geothermal pools

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I really do think that Kenya is one of the most adventurous and fun safari destinations. Flying in a bi-plane over Lewa WIldlife Conservancy with a birds eye view of the giraffe and elephant below, I felt like I’d gone back in time to an older safari era.

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