Hot air balloon safari, Maasai Mara

You’ll be woken before dawn and driven to a remote location, where, along with other intrepid explorers, you’ll board your hot air balloon. Taking off as the sun rises, you will drift quietly above the plains, rivers and forest whilst gazing at spectacular scenery and with a bit of luck, take some incredible photographs. The actual flight takes about an hour, and gives a ‘birds eye’ game watching experience which many find to be the climax of their safari.

Of course, the animals are wild and there’s no guarantees about what you will see. Typically, you may see elephants, giraffes, antelope and ostriches. Ballooning is also one of the best ways to seek out the elusive black rhino, of which there are less than 40 in the Maasai Mara. If you visit between July and October, you may be lucky enough to witness the Great Migration of thousands of wildebeest, along with zebra and gazelles. Viewing this incredible phenomenon by balloon is one of the best ways to appreciate the vastness of the migrating herds.

On landing in the middle of the bush, there will be a full champagne bush breakfast set up for you, decked out with silver cutlery, fresh Kenyan coffee, tea and fruits. This is a truly magical experience!


  • Drift over the plains of the Maasai Mara, bathed in early morning sunlight

  • Luck being with you - spot elephants, giraffes, antelope and ostrich

  • Enjoy a champagne breakfast in the middle of the bush

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I really do think that Kenya is one of the most adventurous and fun safari destinations. Flying in a bi-plane over Lewa WIldlife Conservancy with a birds eye view of the giraffe and elephant below, I felt like I’d gone back in time to an older safari era.

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